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imagesurgery was founded in 2000 by Joseph Lucien Warren, as an avenue for his own artistic projects, and as a platform for clients to commission bespoke artworks to their own specifications. Over time, imagesurgery has grown to incorporate collaborations with other creatives, too.

“I had an early introduction to the tools of the graphic design trade from my father - I still bear a scar on my hand from an attempt, aged 3, to use a scalpel! The urge to create has stayed with me ever since; manifesting itself in works of assemblage and montage. I'm an avid collector of vernacular typography, printed matter, signage and cartography from around the globe, and have acquired an enormous (and growing) scrapbook ready to be incorporated into my artistic creations. As so much of our graphic past becomes obliterated in the name of progress, this archive is gaining in importance.”

Joseph is a First Class Graduate of Central St Martins School of Art. He has a wealth of experience gained working at design studios in London and Los Angeles.