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What forms of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express and PayPal. All prices are quoted in £GBP. We can also accept cheques and electronic bank transfer (BACS) payments in £GBP by prior arrangement. Email sales enquiries to sales@imagesurgery.com

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How do I know my artwork is genuine?

On the reverse of each butterfly cabinet you’ll find an imagesurgery maker’s plate bearing a unique identification number to guarantee the authenticity of your one-off artwork. Each of our prints is signed, numbered and dated. We keep a record of our entire catalogue and of all purchases, so the authenticity of any print can be checked in the future.

Makers plate
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Can I use images from this website in print or online?

All work and images on this website are copyright protected and the property of imagesurgery unless otherwise stated. If you are a journalist, stylist, photographer or web editor, please see our Contact us page.

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Do you have a mailing list?

Yes! Sign up to receive exclusive offers and details of forthcoming exhibitions and new releases.

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When and where did the butterfly series launch?

This series was created by Joseph Warren and made its debut in 2007 with five pieces in an exhibition entitled The butterfly effect at the Medcalf Gallery in London's Exmouth Market.

In 2008 Joseph was commissioned by The Conran Shop to produce exclusive cabinets of 20 butterflies for their international 'Inspirations' exhibition. The butterfly series has featured in further exhibitions and a wide range of print and online media. New pieces are regularly added to the collection which can be purchased direct from this website.

Original butterfly series imageOriginal butterfly series image
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What are the sizes of the butterfly series cabinets?

Our iconic butterfly collections are produced in a variety of sizes and configurations. Cabinets are available in solid oak or sumptuous dark walnut – please see the table below for details of our standard sizes.

  Cabinet dimensions Oak Walnut*
Single 283 x 283 x 130mm £200 £250
Four 487 x 487 x 130mm £550 £600
Six 700 x 487 x 130mm £750 £850
Eight 915 x 487 x 130mm £850 £950
Nine 700 x 700 x 130mm £900 £1,000
Ten 487 x 1,125 x 130mm £1,000 £1,100
Twelve 915 x 700 x 130mm £1,100 £1,250
Fifteen 700 x 1,125 x 130mm £1,250 £1,400
Sixteen 915 x 915 x 130mm £1,400 £1,600
Twenty 915 x 1,125 x 130mm £1,700 £1,900

Prices in € or $ available on request.

*Walnut cabinets are made only to order; please allow a little more time for delivery.


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How do I wall-mount my butterflies?

Step 1 Assess your wall and choose appropriate fixings. For solid walls we recommend good quality screws and rawlplugs or frame fixings. To mount on hollow, drywall surfaces, use a fixing appropriate to the thickness of plasterboard and weight of the artwork. When mounting large cabinets of nine or more butterflies onto drywall, ensure the centre fixing is lined up with an internal joist.

Step 2 Decide where you'd like the top of cabinet to be. Measure 10cm below and make a light pencil line on the wall to show the bracket fixings' height.

Step 3 Hold the bracket against the wall and line up the top row of fixing holes with the pencil mark. Move the bracket left or right to your desired position. Use a bradawl or similar tool to mark the position of one of the fixing holes (on large brackets the first mark should be made through a centre fixing hole).

Step 4 Using the correct size drill bit for your chosen fixing, drill a hole to the correct depth on the mark you have just made and insert rawlplug or drywall fixing.

Step 5 Use a screw to attach the bracket through your first fixing hole, but do not fully tighten.

Step 6 Place a spirit level on top of the bracket and adjust until horizontal. Using your bradawl, make a mark through the centre of the remaining top-row fixing holes. Now loosen the bracket slightly, and rotate it out of the way. Drill the marked hole (or holes) and insert plugs or fixings as in Step 4.

Step 7 You are now ready to secure the bracket to the wall. Ensure that the screws locate inside the plugs and are firmly tightened to hold the bracket securely against the wall. The bottom row of fixing holes is a back-up if the bracket proves difficult to secure at any point on the top row.

Step 8 With the bracket firmly secured, it's time to hang your artwork. For large cabinets, this will require two people. Simply place the cabinet over the bracket, flat against the wall, and then gently lower it until the cabinet bracket engages with the wall bracket.

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How do you package butterfly cabinets for shipping?

We make every effort to ensure these fragile glass-fronted cabinets reach you in the same condition they left the imagesurgery studio, and have honed our packaging technique to near-perfection!

Larger pieces for the London area are usually delivered in person at an agreed time. Collection in person from our studio in Essex is welcome by prior arrangement.

Europe, USA, Asia and beyond. We regularly ship to customers overseas. We package large orders in an export-grade plywood and timber case compliant with ISPM15 regulations. Shipping costs vary depending on your location and the size of order; to calculate the costs, add items to the cart and select your country from the menu. Please note that your country's customs authority may add charges which will have to be paid before you receive your order.

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What is a limited edition?

Each print series is restricted to a set number of copies at launch and each print is signed, dated and numbered. We keep a record of our entire catalogue and all purchases so that the authenticity of any print can be checked in the future.

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How do you package prints for shipping?

Smaller prints are sent flat in a reinforced cardboard envelope. Our large-format prints are sent in heavy-duty cardboard tubes with padding at each end to prevent damage.

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Do you offer a framing service?

We have close association with a professional framing company that we trust to handle requirements big and small, and we are happy to get quotes for our customers. Because shipping costs are considerably higher for framed prints, it is not usually possible to deliver framed prints outside of London or Essex, but we'll do our best to help.

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We hope that you've found your answer here but if not, please drop us a line.