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Butterfly Commissions

Going bespoke

Commission a bespoke butterfly artwork from imagesurgery, and you’ll be the owner of a unique piece of art carefully tailored to your personal requirements.

Talk to us about what you want – whether it’s map locations with special significance, or a clearly defined colour palette – and we’ll set to work on bringing your vision to life.

We’ll keep in contact with you throughout the design of your piece, updating you with on-screen visuals so you can see how your artwork will look before we move on to production.

Cartographic delights

Imagesurgery holds an extensive library of vintage maps of every description. Our artworks incorporate a treasure trove of curiosities, from Australian mining maps of the 1950s to richly hued hand-painted British geological charts more than a century old.

The maps embrace the micro and the macro: intricate street plans of obscure world cities may sit alongside moonscapes and celestial maps, or technicolour graphs and pictogram charts from the middle twentieth century.

Sizes and options

We offer a wide choice of sizes and configurations to fit any available space in your home. Cabinets are hand made to order in our workshop, in a choice of solid French oak or American black walnut. Other timber varieties are available on request.

Butterfly cabinet timber samples, oak and walnut
imagesurgery single butterfly artwork in oak shadowbox cabinet

What to do next

Contact info@imagesurgery.com or call +44 (0)7977 925194. We'll take you through every stage of the design and production process, from developing your initial ideas to safe delivery of your hand-crafted artwork.